curriculum vitae :
frances murray hamilton, Registered Architect Georgia LEED AP BD+C
2009 Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Accredited Professional
2017 Revit Architecture Certified Professional
    architecture: The creation of buildings that function in harmony with the environment, spacial design that resonates and raises the human spirit, use of software that help owners and architects visualize and be more efficient like BIM, and managing projects that produce a profit. I am a licensed member of the American Institute of Architects, a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Accredited Professional, have SEED certification and have attended Living Building Challenge seminars.
    infographics|history: Visual thinking and an ongoing interest in how design evolves, both natural and human built history has resulted in infographics for various projects and websites.
    digital design: Practicing the art and technology of architecture for a decade and a half began an immersion in the digital realm manifesting partially as a degree from Georgia Tech in Information Design and Technology in 2002. High literacy in graphic software and numerous professional and personal digital art and technology artifacts have resulted.
   origins of fascination with beings and buildings: Early fascination with combining art and technology to create form appeared at three years of age with a passion for drawing ant dwellings in section like ant farms.
formal education | certificates | master level seminars:















PMP Certification (Project Management Professional)
Study, take and pass PMP Certification Test June 1, 2017
3Di Training Institute NYC:
Revit | Courses August-December 2014 -July 2016
Public Interest Design Institute | Design Corps | SEED
Course Outline
Emory Certificates in Internet Design + Dev (Open Source Track)
Course Outline Web Design      Course Outline Web Development
AIA+2030 Professional Series: The 2030 Challenge
Course Outline
Edward Tufte Seminar:
Envisioning and Presenting Complex Information
Systematic Design of Instruction Certificate: Univ of GA
Course Outline
Master of Information Design and Technology
School of Literature, Communication and Culture
The Georgia Institute of Technology
Thesis Project: an interactive online 3d exploration of Auburn Avenue, the birth place of Martin Luther King, as seen through the buildings. This project honors the determination and tenacity of black Americans operating within the confines of extreme social and economic segregation between 1880 and 1965 : Sweet Auburn Avenue: Triumph of the Spirit
Graduate Research Assistant: '00-'02: Dr. Jay Bolter, Professor
Studied 3DStudio Max year 02 at the GA Tech Image Lab
Master of Architecture
School of Architecture
University of Florida
thesis project: Interactive Museum School
Bachelor of Design
School of Architecture
University of Florida
groups and associations:
American Institute of Architects 2006-Present; Director of Continuing Education 2012-2014, Co-Chair 2015 Publications Committee AIA Convention
Downtown Redevelopment Committee (DRC) 2016 Appointed by FWW Neighborhood Association for SPI (Special Public Interest) Zone Variations Downtown.
FreedomBarkway Director, Vice President-Construction/Chief Information Officer
Atlanta Sustainable Roundtable (monthly attendance)- SouthFace Institute
US Green Building Council Atlanta Georgia member
Atlanta Beltline Ambassador  beltline2011