The following is some of the software commercially available for the creation of 3d:

| really decent open source freeware |

SketchUp | @Last Software |

Rhino | Robert McNeel & Associates |
DataCAD Plus |
VectorWorks Architect |
Archicad | Graphisoft |
MicroStation | Bentley Systems |
FormZ | auto·des·sys |
AutoCAD | Autodesk |
Catia | Dassault Systemes | $30,000.00 software that Frank Gehry utilizes.
Architects Studio | Arriscad |

Lightwave3d | New Tek |
3d Studio Vis | Autodesk | (because it has the same software "genes" as the highly evolved character animation software 3DStudio Max, this software has superior material mapping and other capabilities as compared to other architectural modeling software).
BIM MODELING (3d models imbedded with information that can be used by all the construction disciplines.)
Digital Project | Gehry Technologies|
Archicad | Graphisoft |
MicroStation | Bentley Systems |
Revit | Autodesk |
ANSYS structural 8.0 | ANSYS | (
Telka Structures | Tekla |
Rhino | Robert McNeel & Associates |
Catia | Dassault Systemes |
FormZ | auto·des·sys |
Director 9 | Macromedia
Cult3D | Cycore
Poser | curiousLabs |
Nendo | Izware |
Carrara | Eovia |
Amapi3D | Eovia |
Maya | Alias Wavefront | - Maya is fully extendable and allows animators and designers to write their own custom plug-ins in the programming language C++.
Discreet 3d Studio Max | Autodesk |
Polytrans | Okino |
Eon Software | Eon |
World Tool Kit | Sense8 |
5dt | Fifth Dimension Technologies |

Open 3d Collaboration for creative programmers:
3D Industry Forum |
Blender3D is the open source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback. This 3d program is free.
openNURBS Initiative (nonuniform rational B-spines) was founded by Robert McNeel & Associates in January 2000, with the sole purpose of providing CAD, CAM, CAE, and computer graphics software users reliable methods for transferring 3-D geometry freely between applications.
Open collaboration is also found in Linux and Open GL and excelerates the adaptation/usefulness of software and hardware for end users. An example of closed code is Microsofts' Windows code --any readaptation to new uses of the code has to happen within Microsoft diminishing its usefulness in adapting to the huge variety of work environments.

Multimedia Solutions for Vis:
Autodesk 3D Studio Max/Vis utilized to build the 3d and Macromedia Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio utilized for the interaction code:

If the publishing environment is the internet, a low face count environment can be built in Vis (utilizing it's ability to incorporate 2d architectural data). If the publishing environment is a CD then the face count can show more detail. Then collapse all the parametric objects to their simplest forms which will allow the Vis file to be opened in 3d Studio Max. After the W3D plugin is installed in Max, export the 3d model as a .W3D file. This can be opened in Director 8.5 as a fully legible and mapped 3d model. From here navigation behaviors can be dropped on the model. Then export as a shockwave file to be published on the internet. The following link is an example of this software combination:
Sweet Auburn Avenue

Cycore Cult3DTechnology:
With Cult3D VIZ Exporter you can automatically generate an HTML page to display your design online. Audiences can virtually walk through online architectural environments in a photo-realistic, user-controlled and interactive way. Examples of this still developing programming are on the site: