This Charleston style city house was designed to maximize a 50'X 100' lot and provide a small private garden on the sunnyside to which each unit opens. These units could easily be designed into duplexes or quadriplexes, each with a private garden.

The large double hung windows are energy efficient designed as in the last century where air movement was air conditioning and natural light was daytime lighting. The service alley could be wholly pedestrian connecting to community amenities or serve as secured parking.
This 3d project was done in Microstation J which did not have the fluidity of 3DStudio Max or Revit.

The over-all community plan shows the homes opening up on one side to private gardens. An ideal SE exposure to the sun would work best.
  Worms eye view of alley.
  Elevations of community.
  Foundation and garage are unresolved...
  Possible individual plan view.
  Perspective of both sides
  Elevation of both sides