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SPFF Sanctuary Building Green Features

The facility design will be LEED 3.0 Platinum including:

1- low dependence on the electrical grid **: a 70 percent reduction in annual net-energy consumption to meet the AIA carbon neutrality goals of 2030 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
· solar hot water, solar heated dog pools
· wind turbine
· photo voltaic panels
· geothermal heating

2- an energy efficient building envelope:
· use of structural insulated panels (SIP’s)
· energy efficient windows.

3- energy efficient HVAC augmented with:
· alignment to the sun to promote passive solar
· alignment to breezes to promote cooling of the building skin
· natural ventilation configurations

4- water conservation
· low flow plumbing fixtures
· rain water irrigation techniques

5- energy efficient lighting, natural lighting

· conservation of trees
· rain water irrigation techniques
· use of low water consuming indigenous landscape (xeriscaping, xerogardening).

7- Use of low VOC (volatile organic compounds) on exterior and interior finishes.

8- Educational kiosk explaining it all to visitors.

** Electrical plants produce a large percentage of greenhouse gas through the burning of coal and natural gas. Relative to the CO2 emissions of coal, those from nuclear and wind technologies are low, but not zero.